Can I set up my own booth?

California is NOT a “right-to-work” state.  The installation and dismantling of prefabricated displays comes under the jurisdiction of the Painters Decorators Union. Union Labor is available to assist in the installation and dismantling of exhibit booths. However, one (1) full-time exhibiting company employee may work without tools for thirty (30) minutes on the installation (move-in) and thirty minutes (30) on the dismantle (move-out) without union labor. Exhibitors are not permitted to use tools of any type (screwdrivers, hammers, electric drills, power saws, etc.) on booths of any size. Exhibitors may handle and set out the products they manufacture; however, all background materials – display boards, back drops, stands – anything products are displayed upon, attached to or made part of and laying of floor tile and carpets must be installed by union labor. If union labor is needed, exhibitor personnel may work alongside of the union on a one to one basis. The Teamsters have jurisdiction over all unloading and reloading of materials. The union also has jurisdiction over the operation of all material handling equipment –this includes all dollies and hand trucks. Exhibitors may carry only what 1 person can manage in one trip, using no equipment. No hand carried items may come through the loading dock. Current union jurisdiction precludes hotel personnel from delivering material to exhibit booths. Please note that tipping union personnel is prohibited.