Can I provide samples of food and/or beverage in my booth?

Centerplate holds to exclusive rights to all food and beverage within the San Diego Convention Center. This exclusive agreement prohibits exhibitors or other event participants from bringing food, beverage, alcohol, or private label bottled water into the SDCC without written approval of Centerplate. In order to provide samples of food or beverage within your booth space, you must be the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative if the product being sampled. The below criteria must also be followed:

  1. Product must be germane to the Show
  2. Food samples are restricted to 2-ounce portion
  3. Beverage samples (must be non-alcoholic) are restricted to 4 fluid ounce portion

If the exhibitor meets the above criteria, simply submit the Booth Sampling/ Waiver Authorization form for approval and fax it directly to 619-525-5858.