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Invisible speaker pioneer, Stealth Acoustics, will unveil its latest premium audio solution to the smart home industry on booth 1727 at CEDIA 2018. The LRx85 invisible speaker system is a powerful, two panel high-performance solution for impactful distributed audio. The new speaker is ideal for application in home theaters and presentation spaces that require invisible and high-quality sound reproduction.

The LRx85 benefits from Stealth’s proprietary FidelityGlasstm technology. The durable UV protected radiating panels ensure pleasing spacious sound is produced, as well as a 170-degree hemispherical coverage pattern.

“We are delighted to introduce the LRx85 to the growing range of Stealth’s premium invisible speakers,” comments Steve Olszewski, Vice President at Stealth Acoustics. “Our enduring reputation as the world’s best invisible speaker manufacturer is based on over 15 years of real-world performance in thousands of installs that rival and often exceed visible alternatives. We’re on our 7th generation of the relevant patented technologies and the LRx85 is our latest example of how well our invisibles perform when great sound with no visible speaker presence is desired.”

The LRx85’s two-panel design allows for increased power handling, lower octave bass response and reduced intermodulation distortion at outputs of up to 103dB. Its mid-high speaker pack utilizes four 30mm high-power neodymium magnet drivers directly coupled for reproducing midrange sounds and a 25mm neodymium high frequency driver, all mounted in Stealth’s Quad-Balanced Midrangetm configuration. This creates a spatially unique dispersion that improves the depth of sound stage, while ensuring the left-right panorama for impressive locational sound in home theaters and other multi-channel systems.

A separate invisible bass stage panel engages two premium 8” high-power cone woofers to extend bass response down to an impressive 40Hz, which helps to set the Stealth LRx85 speakers apart from the competition. The bass stage connects directly to the mid-high packs crossover via dedicated terminals, making the LRx85 simple to wire with a single feed to the amplifier. 300watts of RMS power handling drives the LRx85 to a new class of performance in invisible speakers.

When used in distributed audio systems the LRx85 provides an even and balanced sound field as well as reducing the opportunity for destructive feedback in live microphone applications. The design also provides installers with flexibility when including the LRx85 solution in a variety of applications.

An active version, the LRx85-ACT, includes pre-tuned and optimized bi-amplification, for increased sound and higher output. The LRx85-ACT makes an impressive invisible speaker and amplifier combination for critical listening or premium multi-channel surround systems.

For more information on the LRx85, or to learn more on the range of solutions from Stealth Acoustics, please visit

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