Rose Electronics Spotlights the CrystalView HDMI, CrystalView DisplayPort, and CrystalLink USB Active Optical Cables (AOC)


Rose Electronics Spotlights the CrystalView HDMI, CrystalView DisplayPort, and CrystalLink USB Active Optical Cables (AOC)

Rose Electronics CrystalView optical cables extend HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, and USB 3.1/2.0 up to 100m. The fiber optics and electronics are embedded into a compact cable head, which connects directly to your computers, displays, and devices. External power supply is not needed. The cable is constructed with a flexible and rugged low smoke, zero-halogen jacket, which permits usage in plenums, walls, ceilings, and floor-to-floor. Running in conduit is not required. When compared to a traditional installation with a box and power supply at each end, this solution shines by providing a sleek and streamlined installation.

The HDMI cable extends HDMI 2.0 video display at 4K60 with 10-bit HDR up to 330 feet (100m). The DisplayPort cable extends DisplayPort 1.4 video display at 8K60 with 16-bit HDR up to 165 feet (50m). The USB 3.1 cable connects host and USB devices up to 330 feet (100m). Various cable lengths are available. Pair these cables together for complete high-speed KVM extension.

The HDMI and DisplayPort AOC utilize a hybrid design with both glass fiber and copper. The high-speed video signals with embedded audio are transmitted in fiber. All audio formats are supported, including up to 32 audio streams at 1,536 KHz sampling rate. The other signals such as CEC, DDC, AUX, and hot-plug detect signals are passed through untouched in copper; therefore, no setup or any special requirements are needed. These AV cables are HDCP compliant to all versions.

Utilize these cables in applications, such as pro A/V, digital signage, presentation venues, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, retail outlets, industrial settings, military sites, and many other environments.

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