Gryphon Online Safety, Inc. Releases Gryphon HomeBound


San Diego, CA -- September 6, 2019 -- Gryphon Online Safety, Inc. releases Gryphon HomeBound™, an extension to Gryphon’s network security protection and parental control system that now allows users to stay connected and protected to the Gryphon Network wherever they go.  Homebound allows up to five smartphones to be virtually protected and managed on the Gryphon network even if switched to cellular data or using a different WiFi network.  

The Gryphon HomeBound utility release make the Gryphon Online Protection System a complete security and parental control solution for all devices in or out of the home. The Gryphon system includes a WiFi router, Gryphon Connect App, and Gryphon Homebound.  

HomeBound is a smart phone utility (available on App Store or Play Store) that you install on the iOS or Android smartphone so that all the traffic on that device gets routed back to Gryphon before going out to the Internet. HomeBound encrypts data and protects privacy when on public WiFI hotspots. HomeBound also allows parents to maintain online parental control on their kids’ devices even when they reside outside the home network. 

Gryphon HomeBound

  • All traffic on the mobile device gets routed back to Gryphon before going out to the Internet

  • Works for all parental control features and malware protection for the smartphone with HomeBound installed

  • Helps to encrypt your data and protect your privacy on public WiFi hotspots

  • Gryphon is making it available for free for three months and then an introductory $4.99 per month

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