Since Leviton announced plans to phase out the HAI Omni product family, Omni installers are looking for viable alternatives.  ELK’s M1 Security and Automation platform is a natural fit, with many parallels to the Omni systems, as well as some distinct advantages.  At its core M1 is a rock solid, robust UL Listed security and life safety control.  Using an integration-friendly approach, M1 builds on this platform with full-featured automation capability to enhance safety, comfort, and convenience.

HAI installers will appreciate the similarities in system programming and the installer-friendly features of our ElkRP2 software.  This easy and powerful programming software contains simple dropdowns, checkboxes and text fields. Even MACROS or rules are created the same way to build logic statements in plain English, providing a platform for powerful and imaginative system configuration.  Conflict resolution offers easy synchronization of M1 system programming and rules can be quickly enabled or disabled.

In today’s world, secure connectivity is vital.  M1 controls feature superior encryption and multi-level authentication for remote access. A variety of remote control options, from simple to full featured, allows installers to offer the right solution for each client.  An advanced microprocessor provides increased speed, capabilities, and immunity to hacking.  

M1 is very scalable and flexible, making it great for most any residential or commercial application. It features large zone capacity, supporting both hardwired and wireless sensors.  M1 also expands to support a large number of devices through outputs and integration modules, providing intelligent control and automation of lights, thermostats, garage doors, gates, fans, irrigation, water valves, and more.

ELK's M1 takes a different approach to subsystems like lighting, thermostats, AV, etc. by integrating with products from a variety of industry partner manufacturers to allow control of most any electrical device.  This empowers you to work with the products you prefer or your customer requests. You can meet the needs of customers who are budget conscious and those who want high-end options.

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