Interested in additional exposure with interior designs, architects, and builders? Endorsed by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) and supported by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the Design+Connection Pavilion (Booth #1960) is specifically designed to allow brands additional exposure to architects, builders, and designers.

The Design + Connection Pavilion is designed to showcase select kitchen and bath brands bridging the gap between technology and design. The focal point of the pavilion, the Control4 Tiny Home, is an immersive experience for home tech pros and designers to envision how technology can be orchestrated to suit design and technology talents perfectly complementing a homeowner’s lifestyle. 


TechCollider at the Design + Connection Pavilion 

As the industry leader in connecting the design and technology communities, CEDIA Expo is excited to debut a new, informal lounge speaker series at September’s conference in Denver, Colo. Taking place on Sept. 13 within the Design + Connect Pavilion (booth #1960) on the CEDIA Expo show floor, Tech Collider at the Design + Connect Pavilion aims to educate designers, architects, integrators, and technologists on ways to navigate a successful and impactful relationship.

1:00-2:00pm -- Tech Collider: Healthy Home Automation 

Designer Barbara Barton – a Certified Living in Place Professional, and architect Doug Walter (AIA) take the floor at the Design + Connect Pavilion to talk through their experience working together to design and build today’s healthy home. Running the gamut from ground breaking to key turning, Healthy Home Automation will cover aspects of a home and how they affect someone psychologically, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Barbara and Doug’s talk takes place at 1pm on Sept. 13.

2:00-3:00pm – Tech Collider: Building Business between Designers and Integrators 

KBB’s Erinn Locke and CE Pro’s Jason Knott are joined by designer Dawn Deluca and integrator Shalom Illouz to talk through how designers and integrators can come together, build a working relationship, and deliver exceptional results to their clients. Topics of discussion include how to speak each other’s “language”, what products make sense for both parties, and how to handle the sales process (read: money!). Building Business between Designers and Integrators takes place at 2pm on Sept. 13. 

3:00-4:00pm - Tech Collider: Seura Designer Panel 

Seura – a company whose mission is finding the perfect harmony between technology and design – brings an all-star panel of designers from across the country to CEDIA Expo for a discussion on the successes and standstills of designers dealing with technology. This no-holds barred conversation will wrap up Tech Collider at 3pm on Sept. 13.

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