TechTalks is a series of inspiring and educational talks from connected technology experts sharing insights into what the future holds for the custom integration industry. To bring TechTalks to life on stage is CE Pro, the leading industry authority on consumer electronics for the connected technology professional. Check back summer 2019 for the TechTalks schedule! Below is the 2018 schedule. 


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This session will present the findings of a $150,000 research project recently completed by Frost & Sullivan, entitled CABA’s “Connected Home IoT Energy Roadmap”. This research will provided a comprehensive examination of all the major aspects of energy in the smart home, including: state of the market, key industry players, business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, future market direction, issues, case studies and industry recommendations, etc. All attendees will receive the executive summary of this research project.
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Join CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson and her CEDIA Technology Council cohorts for a fast-paced discussion on the state of the smart home. The panelists will review new products, technologies and themes from CEDIA Expo 2018, and cover some of the major movements affecting home technologists today. The group will delve into some of the hottest IoT trends and what they mean to the channel:

  • Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality
  • “Well Living” systems including tunable white lighting and indoor air quality
  • 5G and mobile IoT
  • Access controls and front-door technology
  • Convergence of physical and digital security
  • Where GASA stands – Google, Amazon, Samsung, Apple
  • IoT standards watch
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Home automation in our intelligent environments has come a long way from the AV systems of home theaters to lighting integration, network enabled thermostats and home security systems to the bold new world of kitchen and bath integration with cameras to let you see what’s in the frig while you are at the market and self-diagnosing appliances that will schedule service for you. What does it all mean? That our industry needs to create partnerships. We must educate ourselves and value the home design integrator as a part of our team. It’s our mission to inform and inspire you to consider the network and design integrator at the beginning of your project as you create the ultimate environment for your clients’ lifestyles.

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MicroLED is a next-generation flat-panel display technology that is enabling a higher level of performance for commercial and residential video applications. One of the leaders in the field of MicroLED technologies is Samsung, and its Wall product represents a versatile, high-performance video solution for professional integrators serving a range of client goals from video walls and digital signage, to home theater. 

These massive videowall displays can now be constructed by integrators in any configuration for residential environments to be used as the home theater display. Engineered to deliver perfect black levels in ambient light environments, along with high levels of color accuracy with HDR10+ and HDR (high dynamic range) support, and wide color gamut capabilities, the Wall can be configured through its modular architecture to integrate into any environment up to 146 inches in residential settings.

Producing a resolution of 3840 x 2160, along with peak brightness levels of 1,600 nits and 60Hz refresh rates, the Samsung Wall incorporates HDMI 2.0, USB and LAN connection options. In commercial environments integrators can assemble 16-panel video walls that stand more than 10 feet tall and nearly 6 feet wide to communicate a wealth of information specific to the application. 

But what about companion audio with MicroLEDs? How can integrators match the power of a giant in-home video wall with audio that complements the visuals without being overpowered? That is where Samsung division Harman Luxury Audio group comes in. The panel discussion will address how to create an audio environment for MicroLED displays. Integrator panelists will delve into the potential applications for this new technology in the home.
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27% of U.S. broadband households own at least one smart speaker, according to Parks Associates research. The next generation of interfaces is changing the way the connected consumer interacts with devices and services. Products and service offerings are evolving to accommodate such change. How will consumer behavior, expectations, and the user experience play out in a voice-first world? This Smart Talks session explores the current landscape of voice technology, the appeal of voice, and the future of voice AI.


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The top custom electronics integrators aren’t simply capturing the most revenue; they’re maximizing revenue per employee. Even with great employees, many custom integrators struggle to create consistent processes, keep the team organized, and get the most out of their employees’ time. If only there were more hours in the day!

Whether you’re a company of 2 or 200, peak productivity can be achieved with the right combination of people, process, and systems. Join us for a panel of highly efficient integrators to hear how they’ve optimized their revenue and overall business for long-term growth. You’ll learn:

  • How operational efficiency impacts the customer experience
  • How to enable employees to work at their best
  • What areas of your operations are ripe for streamlining
  • Types of business management tools that can be implemented
  • Ways to standardize delivery despite custom projects
  • What to consider when vetting business software
  • Potential pitfalls to avoid and ensure optimum productivity
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AV over IP isn't just a technology, it's an ecosystem. From the network switch to the UI, learn how to assemble a complete system for delivering pristine 4K video using off the shelf network hardware and copper or fiber infrastructure with standardized SDVoE technology.

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Homeowners and business owners across the country are adopting more energy-efficient modes of operation. Smart thermostats, LED lighting and other devices are now pervasive in homes, so what’s the next step?

Imagine if your customers could not only power their “smart home” off of clean and renewable energy, but also stay protected during the next power outage?  During this panel discussion, we will discuss the emergence of a new technology that merges “clean tech” with “home automation” enabling integrators to offer “energy automation” by integrating intelligent energy storage with front end home automation systems.  In this engaging panel discussion, learn how energy automation will increase the value of front-end home automation systems and also help you differentiate and expand your offering with a unique sub-system that powers smart homes.   

  1. Overview:  Intelligent Energy Storage – How it is Changing the Landscape of Home Automation
  2. Merging Clean Tech + Home Automation:  What “Energy Automation” Means
  3. Growing Your Business with Energy Automation
  4. Success with Energy Automation Testimonial: How energy automation helped one integrator differentiate and grow his business
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An overview of what the business model should look like between an integrator and a designer.. Should they meet with the client together or separately? Who should "take the lead" with the customer in a joint sales conversation? Should the integrator present a proposal directly to the client, or submit it to the designer for a product markup? If the designer is expected to markup the proposal, what is an acceptable/expected amount of markup? 

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